Our Mission

Applying materials and manufacturing innovations to high-performance robotics gears with amorphous metal alloys, powders, and coatings, for improved durability, elasticity and wear.


The Global Leader

We are the world's first and only company applying advanced materials and manufacturing technologies specifically towards improving gears for robotics. Our powders and coatings technology allows for enhanced performance on inferior substrates.

Driving Innovation

Amorphology changes the paradigm for metallic alloys across robotic, medical, aerospace and consumer industries by utilizting novel metal alloys such as Bulk Metallic Glass (also known as Amorphous Metal), metal-matrix composites, and innovative 3D printed metals.

Unprecedented Applications and Processes

Amorphology brings a robust and diverse set of intellectual property to gears, bearings and spray coatings, offering new designs and new manufacturing technologies to a growing market.

NASA Born:
Patent Driven

Almost a decade of NASA research in developing advanced gear systems for planetary spacecraft and rovers, along with more than a dozen patents, provides manufacturers a powerful partnership with an innovative leader.

Partner with the Leader

Amorphology is a NASA JPL/Caltech spinoff with exceptional lineage and intellectual property developed as part of the space program. Contact us to learn how a partnership can reduce your production costs and boost critical metrics.

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