About Amorphology

Amorphology leads the revolution in metal manufacturing and material innovation. Our patented and proven technologies eliminate the need for time-consuming and expensive machining and post processing of parts. We have novel, proprietary alloys and applications for additive manufacturing and coatings.


Patent Driven

Amorphology is a NASA JPL/Caltech spinoff with exceptional lineage and intellectual property developed as part of the space program. Our roots are based on exclusively licensed IP from NASA/Caltech and continue to grow with newly filed company patents. Our patent portfolio allows for material properties that were never before thought possible.


Utilizing novel metal alloys, such as Bulk Metallic Glasses (BMG's) — also known as amorphous metals — Amorphology produces gears and other metallic parts that have advanced features over steel or titanium. These include achieving near theoretical yield strengths, up to a 2% elastic limit, high hardness and corrosion resistance, a low coefficient of friction, and gears/gearboxes that can operate without lubricants.


Amorphology brings a robust and diverse set of intellectual property to gears, offering new designs and new manufacturing technologies to a growing market. Our alloys are particularly suited to extremely small to micron size gears, specialty gears, cold, harsh or corrosive environments, and industries where lubrication-free gearboxes are beneficial - such as food handling or medical devices.


Our coatings and methods provide an upward leap in hardness and additional corrosion resistance to less expensive substrates. BMG coatings form a metallurgical bond which are not easily removed and do not flake with use. These coatings replace many common finishing steps and can even-out the inherent and unwanted roughness of metal 3D printed parts. This provides additional hardening on exposed surfaces of electronic devices, lenses and microphones.

Our ability to increase wear resistance and enhance the cosmetic finish of various metal surfaces on phones, watches, tablets, and computers through various direct deposition techniques is unmatched in the industry.

Robots & Cobots

Amorphology’s technologies are ideally suited for Cobots and Robots. We specialize in strainwave gears, planetary and spur gears, as well as all zero backlash gears. We design, customize and produce lightweight, high precision gearboxes for collaborative robots, lightweight operations, and pick and place environments. We have the specialized ability to make tailored gearboxes.

High Precision Machining

Our in-house, high-precision machining capabilities gives us the ability to rapidly prototype parts using our patented alloys, or any standard material such as aluminum, steel or titanium. Our advanced material characterization capabilities allows for incredibly detailed analysis of parts, as well as same-day turnaround of results.

Our exceptional capabilities include:

  • Micron-level Tolerances
  • X-ray Diffraction, Hardness, Microscopy, and Oxygen Analysis
  • 5 Axis & 8 Axis Mill-turn
  • Micro Wire EDM (Down to 0.00079 Inch/ 0.02 mm)
  • 200mm-Cubed Size Specialization

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